Our Facilities 

Allison Funeral Home, originally established as Walker's Funeral Home, marks a significant chapter in Port Hope's history, dating back to at least July 2, 1917, with records preserved from this date. The business initially operated under Bud Jex and Art Smith as Jex and Smith Funeral Home and Furniture, located at 26 Ontario Street. In the late 1950s, the funeral home moved to its current location.

In 1965, Don Allison, a local raised in Port Hope, purchased the funeral home, renaming it Allison Funeral Home. Don managed the business until his passing in 1988. Since then, his sons Scott and Kevin Allison have continued to uphold the family legacy. Both were licensed as funeral directors in 1978, and have been jointly managing the funeral home since 1988 after working with their father from 1980.

The funeral home is deeply integrated into the community fabric. Kevin, who regularly attends mass at Our Lady of Mercy Church with his wife Aleyda, has maintained strong community ties. Their daughters attended St. Mary's and St. Anthony's Schools, reflecting the family's commitment to local institutions.

Currently, the funeral home is managed by Kevin's daughter, Melissa Allison.

Allison Funeral Home remains a cornerstone of tradition and service in Port Hope, honoring its history while continuing to serve the community with dedication and care.